SKEDMIA Delivery Formats

SKEDMIA provides the unique and golden opportunity globally to all small and medium training companies to promote and advertise course through our substantial E-Learning, Online Educational, Portal/Platform. SKEDMIA also bring brilliant carrier for individual to start full time or part time remotely business as trainer and course developer, without any limitations.


SKEDMIA provides training courses, examination, and ISO 17024 certification services. We offer our expertise on multiple fields, including but not limited to student counseling for job , courses development, Trained the trainers and others.


We welcome worldwide partners for all types of  training business activities while using SKEDMIA platform, which you can offer courses through 4 different delivery formats, while sharing your courses to customers globally:


1.    Face-to-face Training: This is the best format to teach students on face-to-face in a classroom with SKEDMIA or partners approved trainers. English and local languages are used for better understanding and learning experience.


2.    Online Class Training: This format has been widely and successfully used in pandemic strict lockdown conditions. The SKEDMIA Certified trainer or authorized trainers delivers the training through SKEDMIA online platform to the trainees. The advantages of this training delivery format is that you can reach potential clients in a wider geographical scope and have trainees (no classroom needed, no travel costs, etc.).


3.    Self-Study: NO trainer is required, the trainee will be receiving a training materials, exercises and case studies. They study by themselves and they can send questions to SKEDMIA (if not clearly understandable or need more details) . The experts of related course will reply to them with detailed explanation. All the case study, workshops, etc. will be sent by SKEDMIA and the exam will be done through online


4.    E-Learning: After proper registration the student will receive all the details with training materials, exercises, workshop etc. also together with the pre-recorded video sessions of authorized  trainers delivering the training courses.



The online exam will be a multiple choice questions and it will take place once the student is ready. Students are informed about the criteria for passing before taking the exam.



NOTE : The prices will varies for all courses based on duration , category and delivery formats. The prices mentioned for the courses are only for self-study.






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